Lavish affairs are Annabelle Archer’s business.  One of Washington D.C.’s premier wedding planners, she prides herself on always providing her brides with a reception-to-die-for.  Unfortunately, this time, one of the honored guests took it too literally.  When a particularly dreadful mother of the bride is found dead before the rice is even thrown, Annabelle and her best friend, caterer Richard Gerard, must clear their names before they become known around town for the notorious murder rather than for their ability to put together a flawless wedding.  Finding the killer won’t be easy, though, since it turns out the victim is one of Washington D.C.’s most hated socialites, with a list of enemies longer than an itemized bill from a wedding planner.
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Wedding planner Annabelle Archer and her assistant stumble over the body of the dead mother-of-the-bride during the reception. Not a good thing at all.

The caterer, and Annabelle’s friend, Richard Gerard comes under suspicion. So, Annabelle sets out to find out who killed the most hated socialite in D.C., which is no easy task. Her assistant and Richard assist her. Her neighbor does her fare share as well, including continually getting the handsome detective to return to Annabelle’s.

Can Annabelle help Richard, run her wedding planning business, and uncover a killer all without finding herself the next victim? She finds herself in many sticky situations while trying.

I truly loved this book. I now know why it won Best First Novel at Malice Domestic this year. It is a fun, fast read! Bad thing was that I finished it so fast. I can’t wait to read the next one. Annabelle is such a great character. She’s witty and fun and has wonderful people around her. The handsome detective helps stir things up as well.

I felt the plot was well written as well. Plenty of red herrings and twists to keep you thinking who could have done it. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Laura Durham’s Better Off Wed is a delightfully witty blend of murder and matrimony.  Highly recommended!

Donna Andrews, Agatha award winning author of Murder with Peacocks