Book 3 in the Yellow Rose Mystery Series. Abby Rose lands a case with more twists and turns than a coiled rattler, and just as deadly. Hunting for a UT basketball player's biological parents proves to be her most challenging case yet.
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Abby Rose is a PI specializing in adoption. She’s also a Texas heiress.

Will Knight hires her to find his birth family. He’s now a superstar college athlete, but once he was a baby abandoned on a doorstep.

There aren’t many clues to his background, just an expensive baby blanket and Verna Mae, the woman who found him.

Abby meets with Verna Mae. She feels she knows more than she is telling. But before they can meet again, Verna Mae is murdered.

Abby is determined to find the truth. She follows the clues from the Huntsville state prison to the richest parts of Houston. Someone feels she’s asking too many questions. Can she discover the truth without being silenced?

I really like Abby Rose. She is such a fun and likeable character. She is well written. This is a quick and enjoyable cozy to read! The Texas setting really lends itself to the story, and I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle