Lee Barwood

Gryphon Award Winner

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Lee Barwood
Lee Barwood has won Andre Norton's Gryphon Award and been nominated for a Balrog and other awards for her fiction and poetry. Lee has nearly always worked in writing in one way or another, from technical writing to finance, newspapers to magazines. An editor as well as a writer, Lee also serves as one of the fiction editors at Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine and as the music reviewer for the Folk Harp Journal (under her "other" name, Marlene Satter).

She’s also a certified Reiki Master and a hospital-certified harp practitioner, playing Celtic wire-strung and nylon-strung harps for patients in hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. Currently she’s working on a nonfiction book about the benefits of sound and music as healing tools, as well as finishing up another fiction writing project with the assistance of her dog Tribble. Since animals generally figure prominently in her fiction, Tribble has a lot of work to do.

Mysteries by Author:

  • A Dream of Drowned Hollow
  • Short Stories:
  • "By the Book" (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine)
  • "Cold Comfort" (Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine)

Other Books by Author:

  • Along the River: An Anthology of Contemporary Arkansas Poetry
  • Undinal Songs
  • Catfantastic III and V
  • Horsefantastic
  • Liavek: Spells of Binding (in collaboration with Charles de Lint and reprinted in his anthology A Handful of Coppers)
  • Sisters in Fantasy II
  • Illuminated Manuscripts

For lots more information, please visit Lee Barwood at www.leebarwood.com.