Lee Charles Kelley

Dog Trainer and Mystery Novelist

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Lee Charles Kelley
Lee Charles Kelley is a dog trainer and mystery novelist, who lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with his dog, Fred.

Besides being the best dog trainer in New York (admittedly self-proclaimed, though his clients agree), he’s also the author of a series of novels, best described as part murder mystery, part romantic comedy, and part dog training manual.

His unique approach to training, which is based on the principles set out by Kevin Behan in his groundbreaking book, Natural Dog Training, involves using the dog’s natural instincts for obedience, which are contained within the prey drive.  His method is similar to those used to train police dogs and search-and-rescue dogs, but is sadly underused by most dog trainers.  His insightful views on the fallacies of both the alpha theory and operant conditioning (which form the basis for most dog training) make him a controversial figure in the dog world. 

Fred is a very good boy!

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