Libby Sarjeant is producing and directing a play in her home village of Steeple Martin, when accidents begin to happen and eventually, a murder is committed. Whether it has its roots in the past or the more sordid present, Libby must find out. A cast of local characters alternately help or hinder her, including Fran, the skeptical psychic, Peter and his partner Harry, owner of The Pink Geranium, a vegetarian restaurant, Ben, who could be a romantic involvement, and Sidney the guard cat.

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Libby Sarjeant is helping to produce a play at an exciting new venture, the Oast House Theatre, in a Kentish village. The play depicts true events from Peter’s family’s past during the hop-picking era. Some family members are not too happy with this play being produced.

Some strange things begin to happen with rehearsals. In the midst of all this, Libby finds herself with a new romance with Ben. She never expected that to happen.

Will the stirring up of the old murder bring tragedy to the play and the people in it?

I really like Libby. She is such a wonderful character. She is good with the people in the play. I only wish the Oast Theatre was a real venue to go watch the play and meet Libby. I recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Ex-actress Libby Sarjeant has moved to Kent village a charming place to live. Libby doesn't just admire the scenery but instead she is directing a play based on the a family who lives in Kent and although the majority of the family has passed away the play isn't good news for someone.

As the play moves forward so does someone else. Someone who lurks in the shadows and soon it becomes apparent that secrets, and a murderer that isn't dead and buried could upstage the performance.

Libby leaves no grave unturned as she gives way to her acting skills in order to catch a murderer.

MURDER IN STEEPLE MARTIN, is a true whodunnit. The characters, plot twists and love interest will keep you up past your bedtime. Most of all it gives new meaning to the words 'family drama', the setting in Kent and the Oast House Theatre give a charming meaning to a village mystery.

Pamela James