Lois Greiman

Award Winning Mystery and Romance Author

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Lois Greiman
Lois Greiman is the award winning auhorof ver twenty mystery and romance novels. She lives in Minnesota where she rides horse, embarrasses her children, and forces her multiple personalities into indentured servitude by making them characters in her books.

Mysteries by Author:

Other Books by Author:

  • Taming the Barbarian
  • Seducing A Princess
  • Princess Masquerade
  • The Princess and Her Pirate
  • The Warrior Bride
  • The MacGowan Betrothal
  • Fraser Bride
  • Highland Hawk
  • Highland Enchantment
  • Highland Scoundrel
  • The Lady and the Knight
  • Highland Wolf
  • Highland Flame
  • Highland Jewel
  • Surrender My Heart
  • Counterfeit Cowgirl
  • Her Bodyguard
  • From Caviar to Chaos

For lots more information, please visit Lois Greiman at website www.loisgreiman.com.