Imagine their surprise when Kitty and Jack Bloodworth take their beloved '57 Chevy, Sadie, to a local car show/contest and discover the body of Kitty's irritating cousin, Will Ann Lloyd stuffed in the trunk!  All of their nearest and dearest have unshakable alibis, so none of them could be the killer.  Yet one of them must be!
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Kitty and Jack Bloodworth discover the body of Kitty's unpopular cousin Will Ann Lloyd in the truck of their restored '57 Chevy at a local car show. Right before she was stuffed into their trunk, Will Ann had confronted them at an antique car club meeting and called Jack and Kitty's daughter Sunny a tramp.

The police believe one of the family members killer her and don't look any further. They especially center on Craig, Will Ann's son. Kitty assists in sorting through Will Ann's possessions and soon discovers a letter written to a private detective. When Kitty goes to see the private detective, she is run off the road and left with amnesia. Can she discover who the killer is without putting herself in further danger?

I really enjoyed this book. Kitty is such a likeable character and I thought the author did an outstanding job in the description of Kitty's accident and recovery. I couldn't put the book down through those chapters. Matter of fact, I had a hard time putting the book down, period.

Metropolis, IL, is a great setting and the plot is well written with enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing. I highly recommend this wonderful new cozy!

Dawn Dowdle

The feel-good vibes flourish in this classically cute cozy, the first in a new series to feature feisty grandparents Kitty and Jack Bloodworth of Metropolis, Ill. (home of Superman and Cruse's Metropolis mystery series). When Kitty's cousin Will Ann Lloyd, a meddlesome and widely disliked woman who'd accused Kitty's daughter Sunny of being a tramp, winds up strangled and stuffed in the trunk of Kitty's '57 Chevy, Kitty and Jack are horrified to be among the suspects, as are Sunny and Will Ann's son, Craig. While going through Will Ann's personal effects, Kitty finds a helpful clue, but before she can track down more information, she's run off the road. Her subsequent amnesia dramatically hampers her investigation. Cruse tosses in chatty observations about family and growing older, scanting the unsettling details of death, injury and illness. Although the big “reveal” about the killer might come as no surprise, it's fun to go along for the ride.

Publisher's Weekly Review--10/8/07

A body in the trunk of a lovingly restored '57 Chevy causes problems for residents of Metropolis, Ill., that will take supersized efforts to resolve.
The Chevy belongs to retired couple Kitty and Jack Bloodworth. The body found inside is that of Kitty's unpopular, sandpaper-tongued cousin Will Ann Lloyd, who had tackled them at an antique car club meeting the night before she died, calling their beloved daughter Sunny a sneak and a tramp. Luckily for Kitty and Jack, their alibi holds up, along with those of all their family members. But Kitty's determined to find out what Will Ann was talking about. A letter to a private detective, discovered while Kitty's helping clean up Will Ann's house, points her in the right direction. On a trip to visit the private eye, however, Kitty is run off the road and almost dies. Though the accident erases her memory of recent events, her difficult recovery and the discovery that Jack has cancer give her plenty to worry about. Undeterred, she soldiers on, escaping the killer's second attempt to silence her before she realizes whodunit.
Mystery buffs will have little trouble picking out the killer, but cozy fans will warm to Kitty, whose debut reveals a real talent for solving crimes.

Kirkus Review--9/15/07