the lighthouse keeper
An ancient Indian tragedy, island ghost sightings, and modern day treachery twist lives until more deaths and more danger make Grace unsure of whom she can trust.  When the spirit of the lighthouse keeper beckons to her--is it to warn her or harm her?
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Grace Marsden and her brother Marty both need to get away so they accept an invitation from a childhood friend for an off-season trip to Christian Island. Her friend has invited some other couples to join them. A fluke snowstorm isolates and traps them on the island. When an island Elder is found dead of mysterious causes, they are soon the prime suspects.

Grace is a female version of Monk and her OCD often gets her into interesting situations. Plus she can see ghosts. She soon finds out that everything is not as it seems with the people she is staying with. Could one of them be a killer? Can she put the pieces together to unmask the killer before anyone else is killed?

I enjoy Grace. She is a great character with plenty of quirks. But the author does a great job of not letting the quirks take over and dominate the story. And I like that even though there are ghosts, that isn't the main focus of the story. She has done a great job of creating a cast of characters that provide plenty of red herrings and misdirected suspicions without seeming shallow.

I like the island setting with the snowstorm. The fact that the islanders don't like outsiders really assisted with the story line. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Luisa Buehler weaves a fascinating tale...characters crackle with life and love; and the nasty guys brim with evil and malice.

Midwest Book Review

Luisa Buehler has written a thrilling 287-page, action-packed murder mystery set on a Canadian
Island. The first fascinating mystery discovery appears right on the first page, and you are pulled
into it right away.

Grace Marsden, the main character, has joined friends, along with her brother Marty, in an island
cottage for a vacation. It is off-season, the weather is turning colder, and they set out to explore
Christian Island’s old lighthouse. They begin to uncover some of the island’s deep, dark secrets,
long-buried history, and then the first murder occurs. As they continue to delve into ancestral
history on the island, they discover an old graveyard set in a circular pattern, old bones,
underground tunnels, hidden treasure, and another murder. Not all of the island’s natives are
friendly, as they are considered “cottagers,” and they are not sure whom to trust.

The island’s native police chief, Danny King, is a rather mysterious fellow, and they’re never
quite sure whether to trust him or not. Grace has a condition she calls “OCD,” and along with her
“sightings” of lights, voices in her head, and ritualistic behavior at times, she sees and does some
very strange, surprising things.

As things heat up, the seven people in the cottage begin to suspect each other of being possible
murderers, and they are in increasing danger of being murdered themselves. To add to all the
mysterious goings-on, there is also the ghost of an old lighthouse keeper. The island natives also
believe they see him, so Grace really doesn’t think she is “crazy,” when she does.

Old island markers, called inukshuks and inusuits, add to the mysteries, as they seem to point the
way, but also are meant to confuse anyone who can’t decipher their mysterious codes. It is
enough to send cold shivers down your spine just reading about them. There are mysterious
markings in the old graveyard, a hidden underground room, and Grace gets lost in the tunnels and
doesn’t know whom to trust to help get her out, who may be trying to kill her, whose voices she
hears in the tunnels, and she is not sure how to interpret the old markings. It is all very spooky,
frightening and thrilling.

Grace’s life is in danger again when she is buried in packed snow, and she is sure someone is
trying to kill her. Later, she is trapped in a fire, with no way out. But she has a “sighting,” and
finds a way where there was apparently none before. She keeps seeing mysterious lights in her
times of peril, but has no idea who is trying to kill her. There is intense danger, mystery and
intrigue right to the end of the book.

The book is thrilling and fantastic reading all the way through. It would make a wonderful
movie, and one can just picture the Native American actor Graham Greene playing island
policeman Danny King! This reader/reviewer gives author Luisa Buehler and “The Lighthouse
Keeper” two thumbs up, five stars (the best), and my highest recommendation!

Audrey Larson, RebeccasReads