Antique dealer Lara McClintoch's reputation is tarnished when she makes a bad call on a rare and expensive antique, a mistake that results in someone being murdered, and her client charged. Lara thinks a scam is involved and follows the paperwork to Orkney, Scotland where she is caught up in a Viking saga and a dangerous quest.
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Lara McClintoch is asked to look at a rare Mackintosh writing cabinet for one of her wealthiest clients. On her word, he purchases it. Only to find out it’s a fake. The dealer who sold it to him is found murdered the next day with an axe in his head.

They arrest Lara’s client, but she doesn’t think he did it. She assists the police and finds a couple of invoices for the cabinet. She begins to wonder if there might have been two cabinets. But how can she prove it?

She ends up going to Orkney Islands to prove her client’s innocence. This is where one of the cabinets was to originate. She ends up pulled into a Viking saga from centuries before. Plus there are lots of inconsistencies and mysteries to keep everyone guessing, including Lara. Can she discover the truth without putting herself in danger?

I love this series. Lara is such a great character. She knows her antiques, and I love the trips she takes. I get to go to lots of exotic places I’ll never see. So I “see” them through Lara’s eyes. The descriptions are wonderful.

I highly recommend this mystery, as well as the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle