Armed with only a fifty-year-old newspaper clipping and some broken amulets, antique dealer Lara McClintoch travels to Bangkok to try to find a missing fellow antique dealer. What she finds is murder. 
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Lara McClintoch and her ex-husband Clive Swain are in business together.  Why she went into business with her ex-husband, she's not sure, but they get along better as business partners than marriage partners.  They own an antique shop called McClintoch and Swain. 

Lara goes abroad to do the buying.  This time, while abroad,  she is going to Bangkok, Thailand to visit Jennifer, Rob's daughter, who is there with her boyfriend Chat Chaiwong.  Rob, a policeman, is Lara's significant other. 

Clive asks Lara to look into the disappearance of William Beauchamp.  He left his wife, Natalie, and disabled daughter some time ago fleeing to Thailand.  He opened an antique shop there.  Now, he hasn't been heard from or seen for months.  Lara finally agrees and meets with Natalie to get any pertinent information.  He sent her some amulets which Lara takes with her.  They might help with her inquiries. 

The many characters she encounters in Thailand, and the many escapades she and Jennifer experience, are very believable and add to the intrique.  I think Lyn  did a great job at creating the Chaiwong family--showing their wealth and thus various attitudes throughout the book.  She always brings some history into the books as well.  This history adds to the story. 

Most of the books in this series have exotic settings.  I know that Lyn does a lot of research and it shows in the great descriptions and knowledge of the areas.   It makes me feel like I've been there after reading the book. 

Lara is a great character.  She is very well developed and her actions are quite believable.  She doesn't do really stupid, dangerous things like some characters.  Most her dealings are something a regular person might do. 

If you like exotic settings, history and mysteries, you'll like her books.  I recommend them!

Dawn Dowdle