Funny and nosy, San Antonio attorney Sharon Morgan runs into a disturbing chain of events when she returns to Zapata Texas, her hometown. She is soon faced with the challenge of untangling a vicious blackmail scheme that threatens those she loves most.
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Sharon Morgan is an attorney is San Antonio. She’s resolved to never return to Zapata, Texas, until her childhood friend Erica calls and asks for her help.

Another childhood friend, Laura Velasquez, has died. The official word is it was suicide. Erica, as well as Sharon, can’t believe Laura killed herself.

From the time Sharon arrives in town, everything is shrouded in mystery and confusion. Things don’t get any better when Sharon runs into her old nemesis, Bernice Peralta. Turns out Bernice has been wreaking her havoc on the Salazar family.

Sharon reconnects with her childhood sweetheart, Ryan Salazar. The closer she gets to the family and Laura, the more questions she has.

Did Laura kill herself? If not, who killed her and why? And can Sharon discover the truth with all the secrets everyone has? And can she do it without putting herself in danger?

I have never read anything by this author, but this won’t be the last. I loved Sharon and Ryan and the rest of the Four Musketeers. I like how the author interspersed their childhood into the storyline of them as adults.

The small town in Texas was a great setting. Its proximity to Mexico was great, too.

I hope there will be many more books with these characters. Can’t wait to read them! I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle