In Cassadaga, Florida, the paranormal is normal and chats with the dead are an everyday occurrence. When acclaimed spiritualist Ambrose Lunan arrives in town to host a convention he reveals that Patrick, the town's tarot card reader, is a former student. Lynn wonders why the young psychic seems unwilling to acknowledge the relationship, but Patrick won't answer her questions. Then someone sends Ambrose to join his spirit friends, and Patrick's partner, Rafael, is implicated in the murder. Lynn must unravel a tangled web of betrayal and murder to find the killer and save a friend.
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Hunting for the first can't-put-it-down page turner of 2007? Then look no further than Love is Blond. Author Marie Dees brings us back to the town of Cassadaga, Florida, where the paranormal is normal, psychics govern the town, and murderers come out to play.
Troubles abound when Ambrose Lunan comes to Cassadaga to host a supernatural seminar. The psychic idol's lifestyle irks nearly everyone in the town, including his crew and investors. But its Rafe who threatens to kill the lewd man after Patrick is found badly beaten. When Lunan turns up dead, Rafe tops the suspect list.
Cassadaga newcomer Lynn has to out-think the police, a murderer, and feuding lovers in her search for the killer. Even a vision from the deceased Lisle warns of the danger. But when the murderer strikes again and Rafe is nearly killed, time has run out. Lynn calls upon the Society community, a coven of witches, a UFO conspiracy theorist, and a questionable photographer to help her corner the murder.
This latest edition in the Cassadaga Mysteries has no shortage of unique characters, sardonic humor, and nail-biting suspense. And at the heart are the unforgettable Rafe and irrepressible Patrick. Readers have loved these characters since Dees' first book, Tea and Witchery, but now their relationship teeters upon the apex of the intrigue. Patrick's painful past will come to light, and mistakes made during his youth might now destroy his future; or worse, cost him his relationship with Rafe.
The new characters introduced add to the colorful tapestry of this unique town. There's Ted, who sees Lunan's seminar as an entrepreneurial enterprise waiting to be exploited, and Charles, who desperately searches for answers to his brother's suspicious death. Then there's Brandon and Shawn, who have perhaps suffered the most under Lunan's depraved ministrations. Of course, old favorites are also present to throw wrenches into the mix. Hostile Myra calls for order in the Society, starting with evicting one of their own from his apartment. And monastic Alex struggles between preserving his holy vows and loving Lynn.
Rafe and Patrick. Alex and Lynn. The True Cassadaga Unified Psychic Society. Will any of them survive when Ambrose Lunan comes to town? Find out in Marie Dees' paranormal page-turner Love is Blond.

Lori T. Strongin, The Florida Writer