judgment fire
A Native American shaman warns Deputy Tempe Crabtree her life is in danger. The death of a battered wife leads Tempe to participate in an Indian starlight ceremony that brings back hidden memories of her painful high school days. She attempts to help the delinquent son of the murdered woman, is threatened by his step-father--the primary murder suspect, deals with a man who may be mentally ill, and renews acquaintances with not such good friends from her younger years. A second fire brings judgement to the guilty party.
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Tempe Crabtree is a deputy in Bear Creek. Her husband is a minister. He has concerns about her job which are valid when Tempe starts receiving threatening calls and letters while investigating the murder of Jackie, an abused wife. Tempe is leaning towards the abusive husband, detectives are leaning towards Jackie's angry teenage son and Tempe has a list of other possible suspects as well.

Interwoven with the mystery is a spiritual side to the book, based on Tempe's Native American heritage. The local shaman wants to do a rite to protect her. Tempe's husband isn't sure he buys into that either but Tempe is drawn to this part of her background.

This is the second in the series but a reader who didn't read the first book would be fine. It was a good, quick mystery with a few twists and turns. I would continue this series. I would recommend this read.

Melissa Palmer