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An animal lover since she could walk, Marilyn shares her home with a revolving menagerie of homeless animals she fosters for a local animal rescue organization. She is a volunteer at the Minnesota Zoo and is currently president of the Minneapolis/ St. Paul chapter of Sisters in Crime.  In her spare time she beads jewelry and worries that her bead collection is one day going to take over her house. 

Michael works in the information technology field, teaches Wing Chun kung fu in Minneapolis and trains in Chen style Tai Chi. An avid animal lover, he is married with two cats, one of which is a large Maine Coon often mistaken for a bobcat. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime  In September he will have a short story in the upcoming Minnesota Crime Wave anthology, Resort to Murder.

They’ve been friends for eighteen years, but this is their first joint venture as writers. They are currently working on the 2nd Snake Jones mystery, this one taking place in the northwoods of Minnesota involving an illegal wolf shooting that leads to murder.

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