Bluetick revenge
Ex-lawyer, ex-marine, semi-employed private eye Pepper Keane is about to add a new item to his résumé: dognapper. Bringing his Glock and some roast beef, he steals the coonhound co-owned by the girlfriend of Thad Bugg, the leader of a dangerous biker gang. Now while the federal marshals prepare to put the biker chick into witness protection, Pepper has to guard her and her canine…along with the three hundred thousand dollars she lifted from Bugg.

Then Bugg himself hires Pepper to find his "wife" and cash, the lady disappears, and the feds think Pepper's hiding her. With the biker gang on his tail and his Uncle Ray coming for the holidays, only one thing is clear: This case is going to the dogs.
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Fast and furious.

Kirkus Reviews

Money may buy you a fine bluetick hound, but only a terrific murder mystery like this one can make him wag his tail.

Kinky Friedman, author of Texas Hold 'Em

An utterly amazing read…packed with action, humor, suspense, and a touch of mystery…If you love the emotional nature of James Patterson's books and the grittiness of Robert Parker's characters, you need to read BLUETICK REVENGE. It's a marvelous experience.