For the past ten years, Nigel Weatherby-Smythe has gone out of his way to be the perfect butler ... loyal, trustworthy, and discreet. But his adored employer—the internationally famed portrait painter Jacqueline di Fidelio—suddenly finds herself in hot water with the IRS, the FBI, and two dangerous, attractive men. And Nigel discovers his duties expanding in a most unexpected way....

As Madam jets from one glamorous playground to the next, Nigel turns spy and protector to fend off those who would do Jacqueline wrong. For in Nigel’s opinion, his irresistibly alluring employer’s torturous past has rendered her as unstable as a house of cards.

Yet when one of Jacqueline’s simpering socialite clients is murdered—and then another mysterious death follows while Jacqueline is on the scene—Nigel begins to wonder if he has it all wrong. Is the woman to whom he has dedicated his life simply an innocent victim of careless, callous men? Or is she a heartless manipulator whose mask of black Prada and pearls hides the tortured secrets of a ruthless killer?