Despite her best intentions, Kick Keswick--international jewel thief, fabulous dresser, gourmet cook, and woman-about-town--finds herself drawn into the glamorous, dangerous world of jewels (and the people who covet them) . . .

It should have been the start of a perfect sojourn in Provence. Kick Keswick had just settled down to warm chocolate soufflé with a decadent Grand Marnier sauce and a small glass of Armanac when she received startling news: The personal jewels of the Queen of England herself have gone missing. And she wants Kick to get them back. Most of the world knows Kick as an expert in jewels and antiquities, having been the right hand at Ballantine & Company Auctioneers in London, but others know Kick as the world's finest jewel thief, a woman who can stand out in a crowd at will, but who can also blend in when she wants to.

Kick desires nothing more now than a quiet life, but Her Majesty requests her expertise (and Kick's vanity is more than tickled). So the chase is on, in a race that takes her from Provence to Paris, London, St. Moritz, and Milan - and puts all her wiles and talents to the test as she faces a thief whose skills match her own. And with Kick Keswick on the case, there will be trouble afoot - of the multifaceted kind.

With sophistication, wit, and insider details, PERFECT is a madcap adventure that takes you on a quest for the things that make life worth living . . . or at least worth talking about.
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Retired Shamrock Burglar Kick Keswick is at it again. She and her husband, former Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Thomas Curtis, who was once the Samaritan Burglar, now live in their farmhouse in Provence.

Eventhough retired, Thomas gets called up to help Scotland Yard on a case. Queen Elizabeth asked for him personally because some of the crown jewels were stolen by Bradford, her trusted footman. He helped her pack them for the royal tour she is on.

Thomas discovers that Bradford has changed his name to Sebastian Tremaine and is now posing as the business manager and companion to opera singer Constantin.

Thomas asks Kick to help out by getting close to Sebastian and Constantin. Once Kick agrees and sets off, she changes the plan to her own, severing ties with Thomas to have more freedom to operate.

Kick sets out to meet one of the world’s richest men, George Naxos, and his beautiful wife, Alma, who is wheelchair bound. She gets close to them and then gets them to allow her to visit their large isolated estate in Switzerland. It is actually a place where the rich and famous stay. Constantin and Sebastian have a place there.

As Kick plays out her plan to steal the jewels back from Sebastian, she puts herself in danger without Thomas to back her up. Can she succeed? Will Thomas find her in time?

I love this series. It is always a book that is hard to put down! I devour them. Wish she could write them faster!

Kick is such a fabulous character! Having the protagonist be a retired burglar married to a retired Scotland Yard Chief Inspector who is also a retired thief is such a great premise. It’s never been done before, and Marne does such a wonderful job of it. I can’t wait to read the next adventures of Kick!

The location in this book is intriguing, as well as the plan to steal back the crowned jewels is exhilarating! I highly recommend this book and suggest you read the whole series!

Dawn Dowdle