Kick Keswick has lived an extraordinary life. For twenty-five years she was the power behind the throne at a venerable London auction house and a master jewel thief. (Stealing only from those who deserved it, of course.) All that changed when she fell in love with Commander Thomas Curtis of Scotland Yard and retired to live respectably in Provence, cushioned in beautiful food and wine. But now someone is stealing irreplaceable jewels from Paris to Portofino---and using Kick's signature techniques. And to make matters worse, Thomas has disappeared with her secret cache of precious stones. It looks like someone is trying to lure Kick out of retirement, and perhaps Thomas is involved. With Marne Davis Kellogg's trademark descriptions of fabulous places, wonderful food, and the ultimate in luxurious living, Priceless is a delicious summer treat.
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Kick Keswick is a retired jewel thief.  She wasn’t just any jewel thief, she was the Shamrock Burglar. 

Now she and her husband, Commander Thomas Curtis of the Scotland Yard, have retired to their wonderful home in Provence.  They enjoy wonderful food and picnics in lavender-filled fields. 

Not long after Thomas disappears with her secret cache of precious stones and a cryptic note, Kick starts hearing about the antics of the Shamrock Burglar stealing irreplaceable jewels.  Since she didn’t do the thefts, she knows an imposter is out using her signature.  And they aren’t using it right, she might add. 

She fears Thomas has betrayed her and heads off to figure out who is pretending to be the Shamrock Burglar and see if she can trip them up without being caught herself.  She also finds out that her husband is heading up the investigation. 

She ends up in Portofino where there is to be a large ball.  She is watching the various people trying to figure out who the burglar is.  Plus she is scoping out the location of the ball.  Various interesting things happen along the way.  She is finally able to gain access and stay at the home where the ball will be held.  Now, can she find a way to thwart the thief and get away without being caught? 

I love this series.  Kick Keswick is so much fun.  She is charming and always wonderfully dressed.  Her antics are delightful and there is plenty of intrigue to keep you guessing.  Not only is she a well-developed character, but the places she visits are described so well, I feel like I visited them.  Plus what woman wouldn’t love reading about all the wonderful jewelry and diamonds! 

I look forward to many more adventures of Kick.  I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle