By turns audacious and lionhearted, tender and vulnerable, Lilly Bennett doubles as a U.S. marshal and Wyoming's most persistent P.I. Decked out in Chanel pumps and St. Laurent suits, Lilly fights crime with the best of the boys--but she never lets you forget that she's a lady through and through.... Ninety-year-old Cyrus Vaile is the most lecherous rogue in town--not to mention the wealthiest. A longtime patron of the arts, Cyrus has just donated a whopping $20 million to the local repertory theater. But the money has inexplicably vanished, and Cyrus wants Lilly to help him find out where it went. At first Lilly steers clear of the scandal. But when Cyrus drops dead right in the middle of his own birthday party, all clues point to murder. Now Lilly must stage an investigation of her own--and find out who really dropped the final curtain on Cyrus Vaile.