closet confidential
As Charlotte Adams likes to say, "I will know everything about you the minute your closet door swings open and I peer in. You will have no secrets." Charlotte is once again doing what she loves best: sorting out people's closets and lives.
Charlotte's new main client is Lorelei Beauchamp, beautiful, neurotic model and the image of the international Face It line of cosmetics. Lorelei's architecturally marvelous home, her handsome southern gentleman husband, Harry, and her seven closets jammed with designer duds aren't enough to make her happy. Lorelei is in a fog since the death of her daughter, Anabel, in a freak accident on a construction site in a crummy neighborhood.
Charlotte soon realizes that her closet task is a ploy for Lorelei to get her to investigate Anabel's death, because she believes her daughter was murdered. The police and Anabel's father insist that Anabel's death was an accident. There is not the slightest evidence of foul play. In fact, sexy Detective Connor Tierney warns Charlotte not to meddle. As if. Their chances for a second date seem unlikely.  
Soon the killer's attention turns to Charlotte and those she cares most about as her unauthorized investigation gets too close to the truth. Closet organizing tips included.