Michael W. Sherer

Life Imitates Art

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After stints as a manual laborer, dishwasher, bartender, restaurant manager, commercial photographer, magazine editor and public relations executive, Michael W. Sherer decided life should imitate art—he’s now a freelance writer. He’s published five novels in the Emerson Ward mystery series (An Option On Death, Little Use For Death, Death Came Dressed In White, A Forever Death, and Death Is No Bargain). Island Life, a stand-alone thriller about an ordinary suburban father's race to find out what happened to his missing wife before he loses his children, his freedom and possibly his life, comes out in March, 2008.

Mysteries by Author:

  • Island Life
  • Emerson Ward Series
  • Death Is No Bargain
  • A Forever Death
  • Death Came Dressed In White
  • Little Use For Death
  • An Option On Death

For lots more information, please visit Michael W. Sherer at www.islandlife-thenovel.com.