Mike Bradford

Tomfoolery, Skullduggery and Bloody Murder

Mike Bradford
Mike Bradford and his wife, Julie, live and work in Kentucky where they enjoy the small-town-America lifestyle. Mike is a retired healthcare executive, an accomplished storyteller and professional speaker. The Bradfords spend leisure time between Maramassee Island (Holden Beach), North Carolina and the Garden Island of Kaua’i, Hawaii. He includes both of these magic places in the books he writes. Mike also knows other stories about Davis Winthorpe and Kitty Servideo. He knows stories about Kitty’s  complicated and unbelievable past and the
Winthorpe’s whizbang present. These include While Searching for Air, and another book featuring Kaua’i, One Magic Morning.

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  • Contributing Author: Low Down and Derby, A Silver Dagger Anthology

For lots more information, please visit Mike Bradford at www.thewinthorpemysteries.com.