Marla’s family reunion at a haunted Florida resort turns up dead bodies instead of fond memories. She and her fiancÚ, Detective Dalton Vail, launch another murder investigation in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner.
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Marla Shore and her fiancÚ Detective Dalton Vale head off on a much-needed vacation.  Marla is excited as she will be introducing Dalton to many of her extended family.  They are going to a family reunion at the Sugar Crest Resort.  Her Aunt Polly arranged the reunion.

Turns out Marla’s relatives once owned the place and it is now supposedly haunted by some of her past relatives.  Apparently Polly wanted to right some wrongs and uncover family secrets by having the reunion there.  Unfortunately, Aunt Polly is found dead before she can do much more than ask Marla to look for some old letters and gems.  Marla is not sure they really exist, but her curiosity gets the best of her.

When a workman falls to his death, Dalton believes the death to be murder.  The house doctor lists it as an accident.  Unfortunately, the local police believe the house doctor and not Dalton.  This just spurs Marla on further in her investigation.  Dalton is doing some investigating as well.  When they discover that Aunt Polly’s death wasn’t a natural death, things really heat up.

Can Marla help Dalton uncover the truth without anyone else being hurt, including herself?

I really enjoy this series.  Marla is such a likeable character.  Most of the books are set in and around her Florida salon.  While I enjoy that, this was a nice change.  The relationship between Marla and Dalton has really matured and it is fun watching it grow and change through the various books.  Marla is a believable sleuth.  She does get herself into some scary situations, but she has a level head most of the time.

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle

"Dead Roots has all right the ingredients for a great hair day, absolutely fun, winsome characters, a fast-paced, wonderful mystery read!" 
Heather Graham, NY Times Bestselling Author of Killing Kelly