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Nancy Glass West
When Nancy Glass West was seven years old, she and her mother wrote poems to each other on special occasions. In high school, Nancy published a poem in the library journal Pegasus. At eighteen, she realized she might have to get a real job.

Since journalists were underpaid and English majors were selling lingerie, she studied General Business at the University of Texas and University of Houston and earned a BBA. But she felt compelled to study English literature and write.

She earned an MA/English, read thirty books on writing, and published magazine articles, poetry, and the biography of artist Jose Vives-Atsara (Shoal Creek Publishers). She founded Book Publishers of Texas and edited their trade journal for seven years. Her poem, Time to Lie, was recently featured by “Theme and Variations” and broadcast on NPR.

Nancy lives in Texas and writes mysteries, which she says is a lot more fun than studying economics or selling underwear.

After the success of her suspense novel, Nine Days to Evil, Nancy wrote a mystery romp laced with humor and romance, Forever Fatal , which she hopes will be the first in a series. Look for the publication date on her website and read a sneak preview.

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