offshore threat
Offshore Threat
An almost unnoticed death begins this tale; a death that sets one increasingly outraged person on a quest for justice.  Olivia Grey's life has not been what she would have wanted, though she has followed her course unquestioningly.  Suddenly stumbling upon this known, yet overlooked death, she is forced to consider her own value.

Lieutenant Commander Calvin Corwin is the opposite; analytical and introspective, he is no stranger to change. Somehow, his family somehow manages to survive in his wake.  His efforts are always valuable, his dedication is always to a greater good, and his decisions final.

Around them are a flurry of people, each forced somewhat off-course by the ripple effects of their actions.

Olivia, correct, nine-to-five Olivia, becomes Ollie, sailboat deckhand. Corwin discover's he is not the only one making decisions in his command.

Sailing the waters of Cape Cod bay, a small sailboat, a Coast Guard cutter, and an immense Middle Eastern freighter take on a collision course.
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From whale watching to racing sleek racing yachts on Cape Cod Bay, Ms. LindleyGauthier has shown an expertise, bringing every scene to life. The story revolves around the mysterious death of the "golden
girl" and takes us on a fascinating and revealing adventure...From marshes, to beaches, to craggy rocks overlooking the incoming tide...

Patrice Wilton, author of THE MARS CLUB