DOWN THE AISLE...P.I. Rosco Polycrates and crossword editor Belle Graham are back for more puzzle and crime solving. This time they discover the ups and downs of married life-and death...

Everyone's favorite puzzle lovers--Belle and Rosco--have finally decided to tie the knot. But their wedding vows are put on hold when murder pays a visit. Two homeless people turn up dead, a crossword puzzle tucked beneath them. But who could hold a grudge against a couple of harmless vagrants? Then Rosco disappears without a trace.

Left to her own defenses, the only thing Belle has to work with is a series of anonymous crossword puzzles delivered to her door. If she can figure out the clues, she can solve the crime--and find Rosco. It all adds up to a murderous puzzler that's starting to give Belle a serious case of cold feet...
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P.I. Rosco Polycrates is marrying crossword editor Belle Graham.  Before their marriage, a homeless man is found dead with a crossword puzzle under him.  He was hit in the head with a stone and has dog food in his pocket.  The police think he had turned to eating dog food.  Rosco knows him and that he had a puppy. 

Sara, a matriarch in the community, asks Rosco to begin looking for the puppy.  Then a homeless woman is found dead also with a crossword puzzle under her.  They try to find the connection between the two.

Rosco goes missing.  Belle starts receiving anonymous crossword puzzles with clues.  Lieutenant Al Lever, Rosco's former partner, tries to keep Belle safe and find Rosco.  But, Belle keeps alluding him as she is trying to follow the clues and find Rosco herself.  She is constantly reminded to not include the police.  There are many twists before you get to the end.

This is a very enjoyable series.  I enjoy trying to complete the crosswords even though I am not very good at them.  There are always clues in them.  I like when Belle tries to complete the crosswords and gives some of the crossword answers in the book.

The characters are very believable and well developed.  Rosco is believable as a P.I.  He used to be a detective so he has connections in the police department.  I like the character Carlyle who is the medical examiner.  He and Rosco do not get along but he likes Belle.

Recently we vacationed in New England so I like books set in New England.  I feel the plot is very well developed and the setting is very realistic. 

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle