DOWN THE WRONG TRACK! Crossword editor Belle Graham and P.I. Rosco Polycrates are sharpening their pencils and their minds to solve this latest puzzler from Nero Blanc.

When Belle's deadbeat dad doesn't show up at the train station, it isn't much of a surprise. What does shock her, however, is that there is a legitimate reason... apparently, he died of a heart attack en route. But Belle and Rosco are suspicious. And once they start searching for clues, they discover a sketchy past that includes her father's secret "assistant", a mysterious neighbor--and a pricey yacht he bought for a man known only as "Woody."

What was he trying to hide? And what is the truth behind her estranged father's strange life--and death?
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P.I. Rosco Polycrates and crossword editor Belle Graham are newlyweds. Belle's dad is coming to visit. He didn't attend the wedding but has decided to come meet Rosco and visit with Belle. He is afraid to fly so is coming by train. Unfortunately he dies of an apparent heart attack en route.

Belle flies to his home in Florida and quickly finds out that what she knew about her dad may not have been the truth. She meets his assistant whom she didn't even know existed. She starts asking questions. When she returns home, she and Rosco continue investigating. It appears her father may have been involved in drugs. This is nothing like the scholarly father she knew. They start retracing his steps from Florida to where he was found dead on the train. Miles are missing in the expected path. They follow many dead ends before finding the truth.

Since Rosco used to be a detective he has many ties in the department which can help or hinder him in his investigations. The characters are very believable and well developed. Belle is well described and I felt like I knew her and could feel her strained relationship with her father. With every twist in the story, I felt her frustration and curiosity to find out the truth. The mysterious Woody truly adds to the mystery in this book.

In this series the plot is always very well developed. The story is complex and just when you think you have it all figured out, it takes another turn.

You should read this book. While you're at it, I recommend the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle