On Galveston Island, in the highest level Bio-lab in the U.S., Dr. Peter Mallow, a scientist at the peak of his career, is hot on the trail of a killer bird-flu virus. But Mallow's brilliant new student seems deeply disturbed, leading the professor to record his thoughts in an ordinary lab notebook. Mallow's NOTES take us with him into the downward spiral of an academic career, a deadly hurricane, and the worst epidemic in history, proving--the most dangerous organisms in the bio-lab are the scientists themselves. (Are they building a bio-lab in YOUR town?)
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With a vivid imagination and a great sense of humor, Boor entertains and illuminates some of the issues facing science and medicine today. I highly recommend this book; you will love the personalities as they try to control their destinies (and ours).

C.J. Peters, M.D., scientist, Chief of the U.S. army unit that battled Ebola virus in THE HOT ZONE, former Chief of Special Pathogens at the CDC, author of VIRUS HUNTER, Director for Biodefense, Galveston

...a fascinating window into the world of biological research and the human condition...a nightmarish scenario, splicing bird flu and DNA manipulation with human despair. Unseen things are coming to your neighborhood soon. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

James A. Mangum, Author of Dead and Dying Angels

Scary, because it's told from the inside. A great concept, full of drama--and what an ending!

Roger Corman, Filmmaker