got no friend anyhow
Maxximum Blues has a solid foothold in the Manhattan blues scene, but Maxx Maxwell (real name: Elizabeth) knows a CD will make the band irresistible to festival organizers. Prowling Rooster Records is her label of choice, but when the CD is nearly finished, producer Rick Schneider disappears—and it looks like he’s hooked up with his old girlfriend, singer-songwriter Brenda Honeycut.

Maxx’s interest in Rick is personal, too. He’s the first guy she’s trusted since leaving Sandy, the womanizing guitar player who broke her heart.

When Maxx searches for the CD master in Rick’s studio, she finds his cherished memento, a framed album cover, knocked from the wall—and even more alarming, a pool of dried blood. The next day, she identifies Rick’s body at the county morgue.

The cops believe Rick was pirating CDs and was murdered in a mob territory battle. Maxx is determined to clear his name by finding his real killer. Her quest leads her into the orbit of the temperamental Brenda Honeycut and into the complicated lives of Rick’s peculiar business partners. And it ultimately leads her to the sad secret Rick kept hidden.

Maxx’s quest is complicated by a rooster with personality to spare and by her old boyfriend Sandy, who’s determined to win her back.

Got No Friend Anyhow showcases Maxx’s blues-babe wardrobe, her tenderhearted toughness, and her eccentric band mates. In classic whodunit style, it takes the reader on a ride that keeps pages turning all the way to a dramatic and unexpected climax.
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Elizabeth “Maxx” Maxwell and her band, Maxximum Blues, are doing well in the Manhattan blues scene, but having a CD to sell would help them get festival bookings. Maxx is working with Rick Schneider of Prowling Rooster Records, her preferred label, to produce the disc, but he disappears just before finishing it. He may have run away with his old girlfriend, Brenda Honeycut. Maxx goes looking for the CD master in Rick’s studio and discovers a pool of dried blood and his pet rooster, Red. The next day she identifies his body at the morgue. The police believe that he was pirating music and became the victim of a Mob feud. Maxx wants to clear his name, so she searches for the real killer and discovers that Rick had some strange business partners and a complicated personal life. The New York music scene is a colorful background for this action-filled story rife with eccentric characters. The rooster adds to the fun.