a grave injustice
If you‘d been murdered and later labeled a saboteur by the GI who killed you, you’d seethe and ache for revenge. You’d haunt anyone who’d pay attention, even tormenting a police reporter  (with her own serious problems) until she investigates, clears your name and sets the record straight. Wouldn’t you? That’s what what Karl von Brett, a GI from Cincinnati with German parents, does in A Grave Injustice. Karl was murdered while a GI in training at Buckingham Flexible Gunnery School in Fort Myers, Florida. He comes back in 2007 and bedevils Corey Harris until she solves his murder. Unfortunately for Corey, the murderer is still alive and well in Fort Myers and she must battle both to retain her sanity and life ~ while coping with the demanding, yet devastatingly attractive editor of the newspaper where she works.
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Read the whole book last night.  I loved it!!!  A Grave Injustice grabs you from the very beginning and holds you with a firm grip until the very end. Prudy Taylor Board knows how to write, her style is captivating. Absolutely a page turner. One of the best paranormal mysteries I've read!

Noreen Renier, psychic detective and author of A Mind for Murder, regularly featured on Court TV's Psychic Detectives

Prudy gets it. She understands psychic phenomena, and she also knows how to write a cliffhanger of a book. A Grave Injustice is compelling and exciting and unpredictable. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a must read.

Jill Dahne, world-renowned Miami psychic, host of The Love Psychic radio program and author of the forthcoming book As One Door Closes Another Door Opens: Conversations with Jill Dahne

Turning the last page in A Grave Injustice is like saying "goodbye" to a dear friend as author Prudy Taylor Board masterfully takes her readers into the very soul of ace investigative newspaper reporter Corey Harris in this adventure of supernatural proportions. You find yourself traveling with the strong-willed, mentally astute Corey from Florida's slick east coast to Southwest Florida and her piece of paradise. It's here in a place called Buckingham, once the site of an army training school, that a grave injustice is committed. Once you start this book I suspect you won' t be able to put it down until the mystery is solved.

Maureen Bashaw, theater critic and feature writer for the News-Press