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Renee Gardner
I was born in Philadelphia and had loving parents, and an older sister who tolerated me. I had a fairly normal childhood except: I ruined my tap dancing recital by tap, tap, taping off the stage only five seconds into my routine because I couldn't remember the steps to the Little Farmerettes' dance. The worst part of the fiasco was that all the other five-year olds followed right behind me. When I was six, I developed diphtheria which kept me out of school so long that I missed learning the basics of reading. Even with the help of a tutor, I couldn't read very well until I was in the third grade. And there was the time my sister left me as security at a local ice cream parlor after she discovered that she didn't have enough money to pay for our ice cream sodas.

Unlike the diphtheria bug, the writing bug didn't bite me until I was an adult.  Having spent two weeks in Hong Kong years earlier, I decided to write a sweeping novel about three Caucasian girls raised in a Hong Kong brothel. Of course, I'd never visited a Hong Kong brothel, nor had I visited one in the United States. An agent said the book lacked authenticity while another said it was laughable and suggested that I stick to what I know.

So what did I know? New York City--I lived there for most of my adult life (my husband and I moved to Southwest Florida in 2005); fitness clubs--I'd been a member of several clubs; employment agencies--I had been an employment counselor; Philadelphia and its suburbs--I live and/or had family in both places. Add all these element together, toss in a desire to write a funny cozy mystery about a plus size senior citizen who owns an employment agency and is forced to join a health club to find a killer and you have The Tap Dancing Gorilla - A Sutton Place Mystery.

Before I became a full-time writer, I had several careers--I was a public relations executive, travel agent, employment counselor and cosmetic consultant.  This is my first published novel, but my short stories, book reviews and interviews have appeared in magazines and on-line. I am a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime. I served on the national board of MWA as well as the New York Chapter boards of MWA and SinC.

I have just finished writing And The Dog Took The Cat, the second book in the series.

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