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Author of Stain-Busting Mystery Series

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Sharon Short
Sharon Short delights in mixing humor with mystery in her Stain-Busting Mystery Series featuring stain expert and laundromat owner Josie Toadfern. (Think "Hints from Heloise" meets "Mayberry RFD" but in today's southern Ohio, with chick lit friendships thrown in.) Josie uses her stain expertise to solve crimes--one hilarious load at a time. First chapters from her Stain-Busting mysteries--along with stain fighting tips--appear on her website.

Sharon's mystery short stories have been published in Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine, Orchard Press Online Mystery Magazine, and Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine.

Sharon also writes a weekly humor column, Sanity Check, which has appeared every Monday in the Dayton Daily News (Ohio) since January 2002. The columns cover everything from shredding pantyhose for stress relief to talking fridges. Selected columns appear on her website.

Sharon lives in Ohio with her husband, daughters, dog, three cats, and a 25-year-old Pothos ivy named Rocky.

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