Ex-cop Vicky Langford knows she made her share of enemies while on the Westport Police Department. Now an investigative reporter, she finds that hasn't changed. Someone is out for revenge and he has Vicky in his sights. When her eighteen-month-old son, Josh, vanishes without a trace, Vicky is thrust into a mother's worst nightmare. There are no clues or witnesses, just a bloodied note left pinned to Josh's teddy bear. As she follows a twisted trail of leads, Vicky knows she's being drawn into deadly trap, but she's willing to risk everything to save her son.
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Vicky Langford, a single parent following the murder of her detective husband Danny while on duty, leaves the force herself to become a crime reporter for the Herald and raise her 18 month old son, Josh. Her new position of crime reporter is perfect for an ex-cop not only knowing the ends and outs but having a bit of clout with her godfather, Paxton, the chief of police.

Beginning at a murder scene, in which Vicky pushes herself on the sight, she meets Jim McCann, a former Seattle police officer. Their first meeting consisted of butting heads when he demanded her to leave the scene, not realizing her godfather allows her some latitude because of her abilities to solve crimes...

Vicky is determined to take down the crime boss, Richard Blackwell, who she believes is behind the murder of her husband. What she doesn’t expect is to find her and her son in jeopardy from this investigation. It isn’t long before she discovers someone stalking her and the police officer, assigned to protect her and Josh, was murdered in her yard. Backing off didn’t help, her son Josh was abducted and the only clue she had was a note pinned to his Teddy Bear. Jim became more of a puzzle than she bargained for when her heart started falling for him yet her mind became suspicious of his possible involvement with Richard Blackwell.

Lullaby has all the ingredients to make it one of the best suspenseful thrillers I’ve ever read. Sherry Scarpaci has a talent to weave a multifaceted mystery keeping one’s attention from the first page to the last. For a first book, it’s a winner all the way and I give it my highest recommendation.

Skye Lindborg

Vicky Langford is a widow and the mother of a young son. A reporter, she is being stalked and threatened with death as she works on a story about a mobster. Suspenseful and fast-paced.
Barbara D’Amato author of the award winning Cat Marsala series

With Lullaby talented newcomer Sherry Scarpaci has woven a fascinating tapestry involving a complex mystery and every parent’s worst nightmare. This novel is not only a thrill a minute read, but it will keep you enthralled and the edge of your seat until the emotionally charged climax. This one’s a real winner… A must read.
Michael A. Black, author of A Final Judgment and Freeze Me Tender