Emily's desire to learn more about her late husband takes her to the quiet corridors of the British Museum, where, amid priceless ancient statues, she uncovers a dark, dangerous secret involving stolen artifacts from the Greco-Roman galleries. To complicate matters, she's juggling two very prominent and wealthy suitors, one of whose intentions may go beyond the marrying kind. Her search to solve the crime leads to surprising discoveries about the man she married and causes her to question the role in Victorian society to which she, as a woman, is relegated.
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Soon after Emily and Philip’s wedding, Philip dies while on safari in Africa. Since Emily only married him to escape her overbearing mother, she doesn’t really grieve him.

Nearly two years later, near the end of her grieving period, Emily begins to learn more about Philip and find out who he really was. He wasn’t what she thought. She also discovers that he was madly in love with her. She immerses herself in learning about ancient artifacts and begins to study Greek to be able to understand him even more.

She meets many people and learns about stolen and forged artifacts. During this time, she finds herself juggling two wealthy suitors. She sets out to solve the crime of the stolen and forged artifacts and that leads her to more surprises about Philip.

First, let me say that I normally don’t read books set overseas, let alone in the 1800s. I started reading it because I met the author at Malice Domestic and heard so much about the book it intrigued me. I kept reading because it was so well written, and I loved Emily. I found I just couldn’t put it down. I like Emily so much because while she’s a regal lady, she is also a rebel. She doesn’t let society tell her what she can and cannot do. I liked her interactions with the two suitors as well. The fact that she falls in love with Philip after his death was a great twist, too. She does a great job in uncovering the truth and bringing the crime to light without putting herself in too much danger.

I love Tasha’s writing style. I would definitely like to read the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle