London's social season is in full swing, and the Victorian aristocracy can't stop whispering about a certain gentleman who claims to be the direct descendant of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. But he's not the only topic of wagging tongues. Drawing rooms, boudoirs, and ballrooms are abuzz with the latest news of an audacious cat burglar who has been making off with precious items that once belonged to the ill-fated queen.

Light gossip turns serious when the owner of one of the pilfered treasures is found murdered, and the mysterious thief develops a twisted obsession with Emily. But the strong-minded and fiercely independent Emily will not be shaken. It will take all of her considerable wit and perseverance to unmask her stalker and ferret out the murderer, even as a brewing scandal threatens both her reputation and her romance with her late husband's best friend, the dashing Colin Hargreaves.

A Poisoned Season is a delicious blend of sparkling romance, heart-pounding suspense, and rich historical detail that only Tasha Alexander could create.
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Lady Ashton, Emily, decided to be more selfish on the amount of invitations she would be accepting during the “London Season”, once her decision made to come out of mourning over her late husband Philip, the Viscount Ashton. Being a wealthy widow, in the late Victorian London, gave her the luxury of freedom and the time to explore her interest in antiquities and the language of Greek. What she didn’t expect is when she declined many of these invitations; not wanting to go from one party to the next, people misconstrued her reasoning by believing she would only attend the more exclusive ones therefore, the amount of invitations continued to increase.

One of the parties that she did accept an invitation to was from the home of Lady Elinor Routledge, a long time friend of her mother’s. Accepting this garden party invitation was merely a way for her to see Lady Routledge’s beautiful roses and to view upon a young man, Charles Berry. The party was as majestic as she thought it would be with the colorful beds of flowers, the young ladies in their gorgeous gowns and an orchestra’s whisper in the background. However, Charles Berry manners were anything but proper and drank far more than he should.

Charles Berry, claiming to be a descendant of Louis XVI and of Marie-Antoinette, sets his sights high on Emily who would rather have no part of him. But when a prominent member of Society turns up poisoned, Emily will do what she needs to do to find the truth even if it means getting closer to this man; putting herself in potential danger.

If you love books based on historical mysteries, you will not be disappointed with “A Poisoned Season”. Tasha Alexander is thorough in her research of this period bringing to you realism of the characters, scenes and settings. I understand that this is the second book in a series so I’ll be checking out the first book as soon as I can.

Skye Lindborg