in no way guilty
Richard Lacey, former Pittsburgh Steelers lineman turned detective, is contacted by school teacher, singer, Jeanette Green to resolve the shooting of her deceased, compulsive gambling husband, Syd.
Lacey tells her to let sleeping dogs lie, but she insists on an investigation.
What seems like a routine investigation turns into a sack of scorpions when both the Mafia and the State of New Jersey take interest.
Lacey’s pregnant wife, Marilyn, is kidnapped, pitting Lacey against the mob— despite Lacey's effort to hide her in the western states.
Lacey finds that Syd was involved in the construction of a new center in Atlantic City. He works with government authorities to untangle the involvement of the mob in Atlantic City construction. When a hit on Lacey by the mob fails in Reno, government agencies make a clandestine move on the mob.
Later, Lacey discovers that the mob was not involved in the hit on Syd Green.
He finds the solution much closer to home.
In No Way Guilty shows the trauma that a compulsive gambler can bring on his family based on actual case studies but fictionalized.
Some Characters in IN NO WAY GUILTY:
AL GLENN: Syd Green's business partner, a major victim of Syd's gambling.
DON LUCIANO: Syd's grandfather and head of the Luciano Family.
ELIZABETH HUGHES: Battered wife of compulsive gambler, Frank Hughes, a gambling buddy of Syd Green.
FAT GIORDE: A mob underling.
FBI/CIA: Various characters.
FRED JACKSON: Syd's attorney and antagonist.
GANGSTERS: Various from two different crime families.
HH: State of NJ crime unit naive representative, an attorney. He travels to Italy with Lacey to unravel gang families. Lacey ditches him there so that he can get his work done.
LUKE: Lacey's educated rustic guide and protector in Sierra Mountains in California.
MARILYN: Lacey's pregnant wife who is kidnapped by members of two mob families.
MORRIS BECKER: Director of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.
SERGEANT BENNEDETTO: Atlantic City policeman.
VIRGIL BRODERICK: Attorney and good friend of Jeanette Green.