Yasmine Galenorn (a.k.a. India Ink)

Magic, Mystery, & Mayhem of the Most Delightful Kind

Yasmine Galenorn
Yasmine Galenorn is the author of:

--The acclaimed paranormal Chintz ‘n China Mystery series, Berkley Prime Crime.  The Chintz 'n China Mystery Series isn't your typical mystery series. Follow the exploits of Emerald O'Brien, who's considered the town witch. The owner of the Chintz 'n China Tea Room, Emerald also happens to be psychic, and a tarot-reader. She lives in the small (fictional) town of Chiqetaw, Washington, with her two children and four cats. She's used to hanging out with ghosts and other supernatural beasties, but doesn't particularly want them bothering her family. Along with her best friends Murray--a cop, and Harlow--an ex-supermodel, Emerald finds herself embroiled in murder, mystery and mayhem that comes at her from both the 'mundane world' and the supernatural side of life (and death). Linda, owner of Whodunit Books (a charming mystery shop at the corner of 4th & Franklin in Olympia WA) describes them as "Cozies with teeth."

--The Bath & Body Mystery Series (written under the name India Ink). Berkley Prime Crime. Meet Persia Vanderbilt, 'sensory specialist' extraordinaire, who moves to Gull Harbor to live with her aunt Florence and the 'Menagerie'--Florence's wild crew of felines, canines, and birds. Little did Persia know that when she signed on to work in Venus Envy--her aunt's bath and beauty shop and day-spa--she also signed on for adventure and mayhem. For all is not beautiful in the little ocean-side town of Gull Harbor, where things begin to go awry and murder rears its ugly head. And now Persia must safely find her way through the adventures that land in her path. Publisher's Weekly had this to say about "Scent to Her Grave" (the first book in the series): "The pseudonymous Ink's first bath and body mystery introduces an appealing, credible heroine...A second murder ups the ante, propelling the well-paced plot to a fitting climax."

--And think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Charlie’s Angels for her newest project—the Sisters of the Moon series, a fantasy/mystery series which will be published by Penguin (coming 2006), imprint to be decided (probably ACE).  Action, magic, mayhem, and a little bit of humor ensues when the D'Artigo girls--three sexy, half-human sisters--attempt to save two worlds, one monster at a time.  Contemporary fantasy/paranormal suspense series.

--Eight nonfiction metaphysical books, including Totem Magic, Magical Meditations (Crossing Press) and Embracing The Moon, (Llewellyn Publications).

Yasmine describes her life as a blending of teacups and tattoos, both of which she collects—the former in her china cabinet, the latter on her body. Born January 17, 1961, she’s a Capricorn and believes that life is a process, that all success is born from passion and paying dues, and that in the long run, the universe always has the last laugh. She lives in Bellevue WA, along with her husband Samwise, and their four cats, all of whom are an integral part of the Galenorn household.

Mysteries by Author:

Other Books by Author:

  • Crossing Press:
  • Totem Magic
  • Magical Meditations
  • Sexual Ecstasy and the Divine
  • Crafting the Body Divine
  • Llewellyn Worldwide:
  • Tarot Journeys
  • Dancing With the Sun
  • Embracing the Moon
  • Trancing the Witch's Wheel

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