Do You Have Your Own “Killer Collection?"

Introducing amateur sleuth Molly Appleby, a sharp-witted woman with a keen knowledge of antiques, a special fondness for collectibles, and a canny acquaintance with the criminal mind…
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Molly Appleby is a writer for Collector’s Weekly magazine. She is currently covering the kiln opening of a rising star in Southern pottery-making. Everyone related to pottery is there. Even George-Bradley Staunton, a very obnoxious collector from North Carolina.

Molly’s mother is a collector as well and has Molly pick up a couple of pottery pieces once everyone is allowed in. Molly is surprised by how cut-throat some of the collectors are.

Soon George-Bradley Staunton drops dead. It is ruled an accident, and the police close the case. Molly suspects it is murder. Then his rival disappears along with some of George-Bradley’s valuable pieces from his collection.

Molly and her mother, along with some friends, set out to find the who and why. Can they uncover the truth without putting themselves in harm’s way?

I really enjoyed this book. Molly and her mother are very likable characters. Molly’s co-workers really add to the flavor of the story.

Antiques/Collectibles are becoming a type of mystery that I really enjoy. I look forward to reading many more books in this series in the future! What a great first mystery. I highly recommend this wonderful cozy mystery.

Dawn Dowdle