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Arliss Adams
DEVIL'S DANCE and THE DEVIL'S DUE started with a romantic suspense story in Adam’s head that demanded to be written. Ready to tackle fiction after writing many published magazine “how to articles”, she attended workshops and conferences, and joined writers' groups.
That was almost sixteen years ago. What a shock. She discovered the techniques for writing magazine articles and fiction are a world apart. Over the next years there were many rewrites of this story...and, with each one the story intensified and the characters became more "real."
Along the way, a funny thing happened. Writing as Morgan St. James, Arliss and her sister launched an award-winning comical crime caper series. Light and funny, these were far different than the still unfinished books that continued to haunt her. The funny mysteries provided the humorous breaks she needed to finish the spine-tingling stories in DEVIL'S DANCE and THE DEVIL'S DUE that had been with her for so long.
Adams and her husband split time between homes in Las Vegas and Southern California. She has three married children and three grandchildren. An incurable workaholic, she always seems to have a minimum of two to three projects in the works and looks forward to many more books and short stories in the future.

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