the devil's due
Jen Connor has withstood violent rape, a near-fatal illness, the loss of a husband, and the smashing of all her dreams. But that was only the beginning.
Unappeased, fate has dealt her a new set of challenges. As she rises from the ashes to achieve renown in the theatrical world, she must face what awaits her in Los Angeles: powerful, vindictive former in-laws who are determined to fight for custody of Jen's young son at all costs.
What she doesn't know is that an ancient enemy will surface, firing her desire for retribution.

She has an arsenal of formidable friends—a Russian ballet instructor with shadowy contacts, an acid-tongued critic, a new man in her life, and a long-lost sister. Together they stand against Jen's adversaries, but will they be enough?
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Arliss Adams does it again. In the continuing story of Jenny Connor, The Devil’s Due grabs your heart and propels you into a world of glamour, love, treachery and revenge.
The sequel to Devil’s Dance finds Jenny, now an aspiring producer, with a hit musical, which could rival the success of West Side Story.
It’s a roller coaster ride of a life filled with tragedy, love, love lost, second chances and, finally bliss seemingly just around the next corner. Jenny takes a bunch of raw kids with no future and transforms them into a talented troop of overachievers destined for stardom.
Cherished friends enable her to find fulfillment and regain a sense of self as she returns triumphantly to her former place of torment. Then begins her battle with ex in-laws who threaten to take her young son and ruin her. Falling deeply in love once more, Jenny struggles to juggle her emotions, her work, and family through tough trials no one person should have to experience.
Take up The Devil’s Due only when you have enough time to leap through the pages because there just isn’t any place to stop and do something else. Jenny becomes your best friend, pulling you along as you ache for her to succeed.
I for one can’t wait to for another offering from Arliss Adams. I love roller coaster rides

J. D. WEBB, Reviewer/Author