Henrie O Collins Series: A retired newswoman with a talent for trouble and a taste for adventure. Sophisticated. Fast paced.

Retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins (Henrie O) responds to a former lover’s call for help and discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes.

After Henrie O turned down Jimmy Lennox’s marriage proposal, he’d later wed Sophia Montgomery, world famous documentary film maker and step-mother to the now-grown heirs of a fortune. If Sophia approves.

Jimmy persuades Henrie O to join him and Sophia and her step-children on a Baltic cruise aboard a small luxury liner. Jimmy hopes Henrie O will defuse the tension, but one of their fellow travelers has murder in mind. As the ports of
call pass - Copenhagen, Gydnia, Tallinn, St. Petersburg - death inexorably approaches.

Henrie O works desperately to save Jimmy and bring hope to lives blighted by anger, resentment, and heartbreak.

7th in the series.
Read A Review:

Carolyn Hart's long-awaited seventh installment in the highly popular Henri O series after six years takes you on a exotic and opulent cruise.

The book kicks off with spunky retired journalist Henri O receiving a phone call from dear friend and one time lover, Jimmy Lennox.

Jimmy's wife glamorous world-famous documentary film maker, Sophia, has been barely escaping some weird "accidents " that she just shrugs and shakes off as coincidence. Jimmy fears for his wife's safety and pleads with Henri O to join them on a family cruise to the Baltic that will determine what Sophia will do with her step children from her second husband's inheritance.

Henri O reluctantly agrees to join the family, but knows Jimmy would come to her rescue if ever there was a need. Sophia's scheming step children loathe her for controlling their money.

As the voyage sets sail we are given a wonderful description of the ports of call and the luxuriant cruise ship. I truly enjoyed my two week cruise with the lovely Henri O. It was my first Henri O book and I am anxious to read the series from the beginning. It was well-written, well-plotted and a delight to read.

As a diehard fan of her Death on Demand series I was highly impressed with getting to know this charming, fiesty, humorous character.

The one thing I love about picking up a book by Hart is her vast use of vocabulary.

Diane Williamson