In her latest adventure, Jaine joins a women’s support group, The PMS Club, hoping to find meaningful conversation and plenty of refreshments.  But tensions lurk beneath the surface camaraderie of women in the club, and before Jaine has a chance to open up and share a single emotion, the club’s least popular member keels over, poisoned by a dose of doctored guacamole. 

(Attention, incurable romantics: In this book, in a change of pace from her usual Dates from Hell, Jaine meets a guy she’s actually attracted to!)
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Jaine Austen, copywriter and part-time investigator, is out shopping. She meets Pam who invites her to join the PMS Club, a women's support group. They get together once a month and drink margaritas, eat guacamole and complain about life. Jaine goes and has a great time.

Marybeth who is annoying and overly perky drops dead at the meeting from a guacamole laced with peanut oil—she was allergic to peanuts. Since most of the members are reach, they were in the headlines. Jaine isn't too happy being a public murder suspect. It isn't helping her land a good paying job. So she begins investigating and finds that everyone in the club had a reason to kill Marybeth.

Jaine's put her cat on a diet, but he seems to be getting fatter. She teaches a memoir writing class at a local retirement home. A very sexy female senior citizen has joined the class and caught the attention of a lonely man in the group. Jaine's kind of happy as he's leaving her alone. But the rest of the women in the group are not happy. And Jaine's dad is convinced his new neighbor is a wanted professional assassin.

Can Jaine find the killer? Will the rest of her life calm down any time soon? Can she find a job?

This series is such a fun series to read. The e-mails from Jaine's parents are always very entertaining. The PMS Club is a great group of women and yet do they have secrets? There are so many suspects that it kept me guessing right up to the end who the killer was.

I highly recommend this book and this great cozy mystery series.

Dawn Dowdle