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M. E. Kemp
M. E. KEMP turned to a life of crime after success as a nonfiction writer with textbooks and articles in national and regional magazines. Born and brought up in a small New England town where ancestors settled in 1713, Kemp's interest in history resulted in an historical mystery series featuring two nosy Puritans as detectives. She strongly believes that American history is just as bloody and violent as the Medieval England of Brother Cadfael, so her plots are taken straight from the history books. In 1689 those liberals from Massachusetts carried out the first American Revolution by arresting the Royal Governor and sending him back to England in chains. This became the setting for MURDER, MATHER AND MAYHEM. In old Dutch Albany there was a huge land fraud scandal, which was the basis for DEATH OF A DUTCH UNCLE. While her research is as accurate as possible, Kemp also writes with humor about our lusty ancestors' habits. Saints they called themselves; Saints they were most certainly not. She thinks this is a good thing.

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