Each novel in this compelling new series about Los Angeles cops will deal with a unique and fascinating Los Angeles milieu.  In her first outing, Detective Sandra Cameron finds out that drawing cartoons can be deadly, especially when you are as original and unorthodox as cartoonist extraordinaire Parker Stewart.  When the talented but deceased Mr. Stewart is found lying next to a note reading: "That's All, Folks," most people assume he committed suicide. Detective Cameron and her colleague Detective Sergeant Tom Rigby suspect Mr. Stewart met a much darker demise, one that included some unasked-for assistance.  They are even more suspicious after a beautiful dead girl, another cartoon industry insider, is found floating in her tub.  The two cops decide to combine forces, and their relationship teeters on the somewhat fluid boundary between their professional and personal lives.  Tom has just been betrayed by an ex-wife, and he is distressed by his feelings for Sandra.  She, on the other hand, has her own very comfortable life.  She has to ask herself whether romance on the job is ever a good idea, and does she really need a man in her life? What she has in her life is a cold-blooded murderer, and as Tom and Sandra struggle with their personal demons, including the ongoing unsolved case involved in Sandra's brother, a devilish killer is concocting some chilling scenarios.