Michael Joens

Author and Film Producer and Director

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Michael Joens
Michael has worked in virtually every level of the animation industry--animator, storyboard artist (on 5-time Emmy Award winning "Muppet Babies"), character designer, director, and producer.  For CBS he produced the primetime special "Blondie & Dagwood"; for NBC he produced the series "Fraggle Rock," and directed the animated feature "My Little Pony."  He has also written several television scripts, animated shorts, and seven novels.  He was the co-owner of the Stillwater Production Company, a fim studio where he produced and directed numerous animated commercials for Hasbro, Milton Bradley, Kenner and Playskool, as well as many award-winning videos, such as "McGee and Me!" and "Adventures in Odyssey."  He continues to work in the film industry, teach Bible studies at his church, and is at work on his eighth novel.

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  • The Crimson Tapestry
  • The Shadows of Eden
  • The Dawn of Mercy
  • Triumph of the Soul
  • Angels Descending

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