Midnight Fires
Featured Historical Mystery for April:

Midnight Fires by Nancy Means Wright

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A Good Soldier by Jeffrey Marks
A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander
A Rumor Of Bones by Beverly Connor
A Treasury Of Regrets by Susanne Alleyn
A Watery Grave by Joan Druett
A Well-Kept Family Secret by Marja McGraw
Adam And Eve Project, The by Donna Dawson
Airtight Case by Beverly Connor
All Roads Lead To Murder by Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Ambush Of My Name, The by Jeffrey Marks
Anarchy And Old Dogs by Colin Cotterill
And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander
Atomic Renaissance by Jeffrey Marks
Bloody Ham by Brian Kavanagh
Bone China by Taylor Jones
Cactus Flower by Alice Duncan
Cavalier Of The Apocalypse, The by Susanne Alleyn
City For Ransom by Robert W. Walker
Code Of Silence by Sally Wright
Conch Shell Murder by Dorothy Francis
Conjurer, The by Cordelia Frances Biddle
Coroner's Lunch, The by Colin Cotterill
Dead Wreckoning by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Deadly Shoals by Joan Druett
Death du Jour by Lou Jane Temple
Death Of A Dutch Uncle by M. E. Kemp
Deception's Daughter by Cordelia Frances Biddle
Disco For The Departed by Colin Cotterill
Do-Re-Mi, The by Ken Kuhlken
Dream Ender, The by Dorien Grey
Dressed To Die by Beverly Connor
Eden Palms Murder by Dorothy Francis
Eight Miles High by D. B. Borton
First, Do No Harm by Larry Karp
Game Of Patience by Susanne Alleyn
Golden Age:  A Novel Of Queen Elizabeth, The by Tasha Alexander
Grave Review by Cynthia Thomason
Gunshy by Louise Titchener
Harpers' Joy by Bert Goolsby
Hayloft, The by Alan Cook
High Spirits by Alice Duncan
In A Dark Season by Vicki Lane
In All His Glory by John Howard Reid
In Milady's Chamber by Sheri Cobb South
In The Wake Of Madness by Joan Druett
Iron Ties by Ann Parker
King Of Ragtime, The by Larry Karp
Lost Among The Angels by Alice Duncan
Loud Adios, The by Ken Kuhlken
Magic Fault, The by Paul Mohrbacher
Marylebone by Janet Elaine Smith
Midnight Fires by Nancy Means Wright
Miss Dimple Disappears by Mignon F. Ballard
Mud Blood by Joan Del Monte
Murder By Masquerade by D. R. Meredith
Murder, Mather And Mayhem by M. E. Kemp
Murder Past Due by D. R. Meredith
Nature Of The Grave, The by Martha Reed
Nightmare, The by Nancy Means Wright
Notes In A Mirror by Helen Macie Osterman
One For The Money by D. B. Borton
Out Of The Ruins by Sally Wright
Pride And Predator by Sally Wright
Prophet, Priest And King by John Howard Reid
Publish And Perish by Sally Wright
Pursuit And Persuasion by Sally Wright
Questionable Remains by Beverly Connor
Rabbit In The Moon by Deborah & Joel Shlian
Ragtime Kid, The by Larry Karp
Revenge On The Mogollon Rim by Taylor Jones
Run Afoul by Joan Druett
Scots On The Rocks by Mary Daheim
Secret Of The Lonely Grave, The by Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Shadows Of A Down East Summer by Lea Wait
Shark Island by Joan Druett
Silver Lies by Ann Parker
Skeleton Crew by Beverly Connor
Spice Box, The by Lou Jane Temple
Stagestruck by Cynthia Thomason
Thirty-Three Teeth by Colin Cotterill
Tome of Death by D. R. Meredith
Watches Of The Night by Sally Wright
Who Was That Lady by Jeffrey Marks
Without Fear by Cordelia Frances Biddle