Chick Lit

Chick Lit
Featured Chick Lit Mystery for August:

Babydoll by Allyson Roy

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A Blush With Death by India Ink
A Corpse In The Soup by Morgan St. James & Phylice Bradner
A Family Affair by Cindy Daniel
A Little Murder by Cindy Davis
A Rose From The Dead by Kate Collins
A Skeleton In The Closet by Judith K. Ivie
A Wedding To Die For by Leann Sweeney
Acts of Violets by Kate Collins
Alpine For You by Maddy Hunter
Another Murder In The Inn by Barbara Fox
Aphrodisiac by Allyson Roy
Armed And Glamorous by Ellen Byerrum
Artistic License by Julie A. Hyzy
Atomic Renaissance by Jeffrey Marks
August Moon by Jess Lourey
Aye Do Or Die by Candy Calvert
Babydoll by Allyson Roy
Baring Arms by Jo-Ann Power
Better Off Wed by Laura Durham
Big Dirt Nap, The by Rosemary Harris
Bodyguard And The Show Dog, The by Christy Tillery French
Bride And Doom by Deborah Donnelly
Brush With Death by Hailey Lind
Burning Questions by Elaine Busby
Butcher Of Beverly Hills, The by Jennifer Colt
Chanukah Guilt by Ilene Schneider
Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man by J. D. Tynan
Chick And The Dead, The by Casey Daniels
Christmas Wedding by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Cluttered Corpse, The by Mary Jane Maffini
Con Artist Of Catalina Island, The by Jennifer Colt
Corpse Pose by Diana Killian
Cow Crimes And The Mustang Menace by Sharon Dunn
Dating Dead Men by Harley Jane Kozak
Dating Is Murder by Harley Jane Kozak
Dead And Berried by Karen MacInerney
Dead Ex by Harley Jane Kozak
Dead Giveaway by Leann Sweeney
Dead Head by Rosemary Harris
Dead Roots by Nancy J. Cohen
Deadly Blessings by Julie A. Hyzy
Deadly Interest by Julie A. Hyzy
Dearly Depotted by Kate Collins
Death By Pantyhose by Laura Levine
Death Loves A Messy Desk by Mary Jane Maffini
Death Of A Trophy Wife by Laura Levine
Death Reins In by Michele Scott
Death Takes A Honeymoon by Deborah Donnelly
Death Warmed Over by Cindy Daniel
Deep Sea Dead by Lori Avocato
Designer Knockoff by Ellen Byerrum
Devil's Dance by Arliss Adams
Devil's Due, The by Arliss Adams
Died To Match by Deborah Donnelly
Digging Up Trouble by Heather Webber
Dirty Rotten Tendrils by Kate Collins
Don Of The Dead by Casey Daniels
Double Dog Dare by Linda O. Johnston
Dressed To Keel by Candy Calvert
Drop-Dead Blonde by Denise Swanson
Drop Dead Delicious by Jill Brock
Eagle Rising by Mary Montauge Sikes
Every Reasonable Doubt by Pamela Samuels-Young
Fashion Victim by Sue Swift
For Better Or Hearse by Laura Durham
Fright Of The Iguana, The by Linda O. Johnston
G'Day To Die by Maddy Hunter
Grave Apparel by Ellen Byerrum
Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt
Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea, The  by Mike Bradford
Hostile Makeover by Ellen Byerrum
House On Benefit Street, The by Donna Montalbano
How To Marry A Ghost by Hope McIntyre
How To Seduce A Ghost by Hope McIntyre
Hula Done It by Maddy Hunter
In Firm Pursuit by Pamela Samuels-Young
In The Wash by Rebecca Benston
Island Blues by Wendy Howell Mills
June Bug by Jess Lourey
Killer Blonde by Laura Levine
Killer Cocktail by Sheryl J. Anderson
Killer Cousins by June Shaw
Killer Cruise by Laura Levine
Killer Deal by Sheryl J. Anderson
Killer Hair by Ellen Byerrum
Killer Heels by Sheryl J. Anderson
Killing Bridezilla by Laura Levine
Knee High By The Fourth Of July by Jess Lourey
Lake Meade by Heather Mosko
Last Writes by Laura Levine
Last Writes by Sheila Lowe
Lullaby by Sherry Scarpaci
Lye In Wait by Cricket McRae
Madeline Mann by Julia Buckley
Mai Tai To Murder by Candy Calvert
Mangler Of Malibu Canyon, The by Jennifer Colt
May Day by Jess Lourey
May The Best Man Die by Deborah Donnelly
Meow Is For Murder by Linda O. Johnston
Moving Is Murder by Sara Rosett
Mum's The Word by Kate Collins
Murder @ Work by Yvonne Eve Walus
Murder At Longbourn by Tracy Kiely
Murder At The Azalea Festival by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Murder At Wrightsville Beach by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Murder By The Glass by Michele Scott
Murder In The Inn by Barbara Fox
Murder Is Served by Barbara Fox
Murder Most Maine by Karen MacInerney
Murder Of A Barbie And Ken by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Botoxed Blonde by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Pink Elephant by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Real Bad Boy by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Sleeping Beauty by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Small-Town Honey by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Smart Cookie by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Snake In The Grass by Denise Swanson
Murder Of A Sweet Old Lady by Denise Swanson
Murder On Old Main Street by Judith Ivie
Murder On The Candlelight Tour by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Murder On The Cape Fear by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Murder On The Ghost Walk by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Murder On The ICW by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Murder Uncorked by Michele Scott
Night Of The Living Dandelion by Kate Collins
Night Of The Loving Dead by Casey Daniels
No Such Thing As A Free Lunch by Shelly Fredman
No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date by Shelly Fredman
No Such Thing As A Secret by Shelly Fredman
Norway To Hide by Maddy Hunter
Nothing To Fear But Ferrets by Linda O. Johnston
Oblivious by Cyndia Depre
Pasta Imperfect by Maddy Hunter
Pennywise by Jill Brock
Perish By Pedicure by Nancy J. Cohen
PMS Murder, The by Laura Levine
Poison Ivy by Misty Simon
Pushing Up Bluebonnets by Leann Sweeney
Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris
Raiders Of The Lost Corset by Ellen Byerrum
Relative Danger by June Shaw
Romance Rustlers And Thunderbird Thieves by Sharon Dunn
Saddled With Trouble by Michele Scott
Sassy Cinderella And The Valiant Vigilante by Sharon Dunn
Scent To Her Grave by India Ink
Seven Deadly Samovars by Morgan St. James & Phyllice Bradner
Shoes To Die For by Laura Levine
Shoot From The Lip by Leann Sweeney
Shooting Gallery by Hailey Lind
Shoots To Kill by Kate Collins
Silenced By Syrah by Michele Scott
Simmer Down by Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant
Sit, Stay, Slay by Linda O. Johnston
Slay It With Flowers by Kate Collins
Sleeping With Anemone by Kate Collins
Snipped In The Bud by Kate Collins
State Of The Onion by Julie A. Hyzy
Steamed by Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant
Stiff And The Dead, The by Lori Avocato
Sweetheart Deal by Claire Matturo
This Pen For Hire by Laura Levine
Tie Dyed And Dead by Sharon Short
To Love And To Perish by Laura Durham
Tombs Of Endearment by Casey Daniels
Too Rich And Too Thin, Not An Autobiography by Barbara DeShong
Top O' The Mournin' by Maddy Hunter
Triangle by Sue Swift
Trouble In Bloom by Heather Webber
Under Lock And Key by Rebecca Benston
Under The Bridge And Back Again by Mike Bradford
Unplugged by Lois Greiman
Unscrewed by Lois Greiman
Vampire Of Venice Beach, The by Jennifer Colt
Veiled Threats by Deborah Donnelly
Waiting For Armando by Judith Ivie
Where Angels Fear by Sunny Frazier
Who Killed Walter Dobbs? by J. D. Tynan
Whose Number Is Up, Anyway? by Stevi Mittman
Written In Blood by Sheila Lowe
Wrong Drawers, The by Misty Simon
You May Now Kill The Bride by Deborah Donnelly