The Day Of Small Things
Featured Suspense Mystery for October:

The Day Of Small Things by Vicki Lane

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13 Days:  The Pythagoras Conspiracy by L. A. Starks
A Blush With Death by India Ink
A Case of Accidental Intersection by W. S. Gager
A Case of Infatuation by W. S. Gager
A Dream Of Drowned Hollow by Lee Barwood
A Grave Injustice by Prudy Taylor Board
A Hard Day's Death by Raymond Benson
A Harvest Of Bones by Yasmine Galenorn
A Picture Of Guilt by Libby Fischer Hellmann
A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander
A Rumor Of Bones by Beverly Connor
A Shadow On The Snow by Dorothy Bodoin
A Shot To Die For by Libby Fischer Hellmann
A Watery Grave by Joan Druett
Aces And Knaves by Alan Cook
Acts of Violets by Kate Collins
Adam And Eve Project, The by Donna Dawson
Advocate, The by Teresa Burrell
Advocate's Betrayal, The by Teresa Burrell
Affair Of The 39 Cufflinks, The by James Anderson
Airtight Case by Beverly Connor
Alibi On Ice by Ben F. Small
Alpine Uproar, The by Mary Daheim
Alumni by David Lloyd
An Eye For Murder by Libby Fischer Hellmann
An Image Of Death by Libby Fischer Hellmann
Anarchy And Old Dogs by Colin Cotterill
And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander
Anonymity by Margie Gosa Shivers
Aphrodisiac by Allyson Roy
Armageddon Chord, The by Jeremy Wagner
Art's  Blood by Vicki Lane
Ascension by David Lloyd
Astral Gift, The by Marilyn Meredith
Authorized Personnel Only by Barbara D'Amato
Babydoll by Allyson Roy
Bad Manners by Marne Davis Kellogg
Beloved Captive by Melanie Atkins
Beneath A Buried House by Bob Avey
Between A Clutch And A Hard Place by Gayle Trent
Birthday Party by Marne Davis Kellogg
Blood And Bone by Austin S. Camacho
Blood Island by H. Terrell Griffin
Bloody Ham by Brian Kavanagh
Bluetick Revenge by Mark Cohen
Bodyguard, The by Christy Tillery French
Bodyguard And The Show Dog, The by Christy Tillery French
Bogey Man, The by Marja McGraw
Bone China by Taylor Jones
Brilliant by Marne Davis Kellogg
Brush With Death by Hailey Lind
Buried In Baltimore by Louise Titchener
Burned In Baltimore by Louise Titchener
Cameo Clue, The by Dorothy Bodoin
Catch A Falling Knife by Alan Cook
Cherry Cheesecake Murder by Joanne Fluke
Choice of Weapons by Raymond Benson
Chosen Target by Melanie Atkins
City For Ransom by Robert W. Walker
Class Disunion by Margaret Tessler
Code Of Silence by Sally Wright
Cold-Case Killer by Dorothy Francis
Collateral Damage by Austin S. Camacho
Conch Shell Murder by Dorothy Francis
Consigned To Death by Jane K. Cleland
Copycat by Erica Spindler
Coroner's Lunch, The by Colin Cotterill
Cry Ohana, Adventure & Suspense in Hawaii by Rosemary & Larry Mild
Curse Of The Holy Pail, The by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Curtsey by Marne Davis Kellogg
Damaged Goods by Austin S. Camacho
Dance On His Grave by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Dangerous Curves by Judith Skillings
Dark Backward, The by Julia Buckley
Day Of Small Things, The by Vicki Lane
Dead Air by Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid
Dead And Berried by Karen MacInerney
Dead Days Of Summer by Carolyn Hart
Dead End by Judith Skillings
Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy Singleton
Dead Giveaway by Leann Sweeney
Dead Guilty by Beverly Connor
Dead Hunt by Beverly Connor
Dead Past by Beverly Connor
Dead Ringer by Julie A. Hyzy & Michael A. Black
Dead Sea Codex, The by Sarah Wisseman
Dead Secret by Beverly Connor
Dead Wreckoning by Sylvia Dickey Smith
Deadly Advice by Roberta Isleib
Deadly Blessings by Julie A. Hyzy
Deadly Choices by Jennie Spallone
Deadly Interest by Julie A. Hyzy
Deadly Shoals by Joan Druett
Death Of A Prince by Susan P. Baker
Death Of A Thousand Cuts by Barbara D'Amato
Death Walked In by Carolyn Hart
Devil Can Wait, The by Marta Stephens
Devil Wind by Deborah Shlian & Linda Reid
Devil's Dance by Arliss Adams
Devil's Due, The by Arliss Adams
Dirty Rotten Tendrils by Kate Collins
Disco For The Departed by Colin Cotterill
Dispel The Mist by Marilyn Meredith
Divorced, Desperate and Dating by Christie Craig
Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig
Do-Re-Mi, The by Ken Kuhlken
Dogged Pursuit by Lee Charles Kelley
Double Dippin' by Nicole Fa'Lon Garrett
Dream Ender, The by Dorien Grey
Dressed To Die by Beverly Connor
Driven To Murder by Judith Skillings
Dust To Dust by Beverly Connor
Easy Innocence by Libby Fischer Hellmann
Easy Money by Norm Maher
Eden Palms Murder by Dorothy Francis
Edge Of Midnight by Charlene Weir
Eldercide by Julie Lomoe
Embroidered Corpse, The by Brian Kavanagh
Escaping Reality by Geoff Nelder
Every Reasonable Doubt by Pamela Samuels-Young
Evil Hours by Raymond Benson
Face Blind by Raymond Benson
Face Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan
False Fortune by Twist Phelan
Fashion Victim by Sue Swift
Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon
Final Masquerade by Cindy Davis
Flash Bang by Melanie Atkins
Forget To Remember by Alan Cook
Fortune Cookie Karma by L. F. Crawford
Fresh Frozen by Darden North, M.D.
Friends In High Places by Marne Davis Kellogg
Fringe Benefits by F. M. Meredith aka Marilyn Meredith
Ghost Across The Water by Dorothy Bodoin
Ghost Of A Chance by Yasmine Galenorn
Gifts, The by Linda S. Prather
Got No Friend Anyhow by Peggy Ehrhart
Gotcha! by Christie Craig
Great Circus Train Robbery, The by Nancy Means Wright
Gumbo Justice by Holli Castillo
Hail To The Chef by Julie A. Hyzy
Harpers' Joy by Bert Goolsby
Harvest Of Bones by Nancy Means Wright
Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt
Hell You Say, The by Josh Lanyon
Her Name Is Mommy by J. D. Webb
Herr Schnoodle & McBee by P. K. Paranya
Higher Calling by E. J. Rand
Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea, The  by Mike Bradford
Homefront--The Voice Of Freedom by Raymond Benson & John Milius
Honeymoon For Three by Alan Cook
Hotline To Murder by Alan Cook
House Call by Darden North, M.D.
House Of The Sphinx, The by Sarah Wisseman
House On Benefit Street, The by Donna Montalbano
How To Marry A Ghost by Hope McIntyre
How To Seduce A Ghost by Hope McIntyre
If Truth Be Told by Lynda Fitzgerald
In A Dark Season by Vicki Lane
In All His Glory by John Howard Reid
In Firm Pursuit by Pamela Samuels-Young
In For The Kill by Betty Sullivan La Pierre
In No Way Guilty by Taylor Jones
In Plain Sight by Lorena McCourtney
In The Wash by Rebecca Benston
Inhuman Condition by Kate Thornton
Insatiable by Marne Davis Kellogg
Invisible by Lorena McCourtney
Iron Ties by Ann Parker
Island Life by Michael W. Sherer
Jill 9 by J. D. Tynan
Jury Rigged by Laurie Moore
Killer Career by Morgan Mandel
Killer Chameleon by Chassie West
Killer Cousins by June Shaw
Killer Riches by Chassie West
Killing Kin by Chassie West
Lake Meade by Heather Mosko
Last Known Victim by Erica Spindler
Last Writes by Sheila Lowe
Legend Of The Jade Dragon by Yasmine Galenorn
Lingering Spirit by Marilyn Meredith
Lost In The Ivy by Randy Richardson
Loud Adios, The by Ken Kuhlken
Love Her To Death by Linda Palmer
Love Is Murder by Linda Palmer
Love, Lies And A Double Shot Of Deception by Lois Winston
Love You Madly by Linda Palmer
Lucinda's Summer Vacation by Elizabeth Fackler
Lullaby by Sherry Scarpaci
Mad Cow Nightmare by Nancy Means Wright
Mad Season by Nancy Means Wright
Marathon Murders, The by Chester Campbell
Marked For Murder by Cindy Davis
Matthew Livingston And The Millionaire Murder by Marco Conelli
McLeary's Mulligan by Bridget Bell Webber
Merryll Manning:  Beachfront "Holiday" by John Howard Reid
Merryll Manning:  The Health Farm Murders by John Howard Reid
Merryll Manning:  Trapped On Mystery Island by John Howard Reid
Metal Gear Solid by Raymond Benson
Midnight Fires by Nancy Means Wright
Moon Over Chicago by J. D. Webb
Mourning In Miniature by Margaret Grace
Murder At St. Polycarp by Marianna Heusler
Murder By Deception by D. R. Meredith
Murder By Impulse by D. R. Meredith
Murder By Masquerade by D. R. Meredith
Murder Is Served by Barbara Fox
Murder Most Maine by Karen MacInerney
Murder Under A Mystic Moon by Yasmine Galenorn
Murder's Madness by Alex Matthews
Nature Of The Grave, The by Martha Reed
Night Killer, The by Beverly Connor
Night Of The Living Dandelion by Kate Collins
Night Watch by Mary Montague Sikes
Nightmare, The by Nancy Means Wright
Nine Days To Evil by Nancy Glass West
No Such Thing As A Free Lunch by Shelly Fredman
Not A Moment Too Soon by Linda O. Johnston
Nothing But Gossip by Marne Davis Kellogg
Obsidian by Teagan Oliver
Old Wounds by Vicki Lane
Olive Horseshoe, The by Ben F. Small
On The Run by Lorena McCourtney
Once Is Never Enough by Margie Gosa Shivers
One Grave Too Many by Beverly Connor
One Hex Of A Wedding by Yasmine Galenorn
One Minute Assassin, The by Troy Cook
One...Two...Buckle My Shoe by P. K. Paranya
Our Lady Of The Assassins by Joe Albanese
Over In A Flash by Sunny Frazier
Pele's Tears by Sharon K. Garner
Perfect by Marne Davis Kellogg
Perfect Woman, The by Holly Jordan
Pie A La Murder by Melinda Wells
Pier Pressure by Dorothy Francis
Plot, The by Kathleen Lamarche
Poetry Of Murder, The by Bernadette Steele
Points Of Origin by Darden North, M.D.
Poison Apples by Nancy Means Wright
Poison Pen by Sheila Lowe
Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy, The by J. Michael Orenduff
Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras, The by J. Michael Orenduff
Priceless by Marne Davis Kellogg
Prime Time by Hank Phillippi Ryan
Proof Is In The Pudding, The by Melinda Wells
Prophet, Priest And King by John Howard Reid
Puckheads by Sue Swift
Pushing Up Bluebonnets by Leann Sweeney
Quarterback's Demons, The by C. K. Laurence
Questionable Remains by Beverly Connor
Rabbit In The Moon by Deborah & Joel Shlian
Rainy Week-End, The by Sherry Jackson
Recipe For Trouble by Jackie Griffey
Relative Danger by June Shaw
Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Reluctant Runaway by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Reluctant Smuggler by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Revenge On The Mogollon Rim by Taylor Jones
Run Afoul by Joan Druett
Run Into Trouble by Alan Cook
Russian Roulette by Austin S. Camacho
Say Goodbye by E. J. Rand
Scattered Graves by Beverly Connor
Scent Of Murder, The by Jeffrey Marks
Scent To Her Grave by India Ink
Scorpion Bay by Michael Murphy
Secret For A Satyr by Dorothy Bodoin
Secrets by Carla Dietz Fortier
Secrets By The Sea by Mary Montague Sikes
Senator Love by Warren Adler
Set Sail For Murder by Carolyn Hart
Seventh Deadly Sin by D. B. Borton
Sex Club, The by L. J. Sellers
Shaded Light by N. J. Lindquist
Shadows At The Fair by Lea Wait
Shadows At The Spring Show by Lea Wait
Shadows Of Deception by Gary Carmody
Shark Island by Joan Druett
Shepherd's Pie by J. D. Webb
Shoots To Kill by Kate Collins
Signs In The Blood by Vicki Lane
Silenced Cry by Marta Stephens
Silver Lies by Ann Parker
Sinner's Song by Nancy Mehl
Skeleton Crew by Beverly Connor
Sleight Of Hand by Robin Hathaway
Smell Of Death by F. M. Meredith
Snowhedge by Dorothy Bodoin
Sorcerer's Circle, The by Michael Siverling
State Of The Onion by Julie A. Hyzy
Sterling Inheritance, The by Michael Siverling
Still Waters edited by Kate Flora, Ruth McCarty, and Susan Oleksiw
Stolen Honey by Nancy Means Wright
Stranded by Lorena McCourtney
Stranger In Paradise by Jackie Griffey
Surest Poison, The by Chester Campbell
Sweetie's Diamonds by Raymond Benson
Teaser by Jan Brogan
Telling Lies by Cathi Stoler
Textbook Murders by Joe Albanese
Thirteen Diamonds by Alan Cook
Thirty-Three Teeth by Colin Cotterill
Thugs And Kisses by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Too Big To Miss by Sue Ann Jaffarian
Too Rich And Too Thin, Not An Autobiography by Barbara DeShong
Tramp by Marne Davis Kellogg
Treasure At Trail's End by Dorothy Bodoin
Treasures Of The Amazon by Pinkie Paranya
Triangle by Sue Swift
Tropical Warnings by April Star
Tuscan Tall And Too Close For Comfort by Luisa Buehler
Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel
Under Lock And Key by Rebecca Benston
Under The Bridge And Back Again by Mike Bradford
Union Trilogy, The by Raymond Benson
Unwilling Accomplice by Melanie Atkins
Vampire Of Venice Beach, The by Jennifer Colt
Vegas Vixen by Dennis Griffin
Vengeance by Donna Dawson
Voice From The Ashes by Cindy Davis
Waiting For Armando by Judith Ivie
Wayne's Dead by Christy Tillery French
Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig
Where Angels Fear by Sunny Frazier
White Male Infant by Barbara D'Amato
Windy Forest, The by Sherry Jackson
Wishing Makes It So by Marilyn Meredith
Written In Blood by Sheila Lowe